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For example, a person who can not speak will have many difficulties in his life and another without ability of walking can succeed? Secondly, almost for sure, all parents really love their children and consider them angels. And they will try their best to provide us the best information and their own experience. Therefore parents are also a wonderful knowledge resource and the children never have to worry about the quality.

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Most successful businessmen have to admit that they can't get current achievement without their parent's advice. In one side, parents indirectly lead us to success.

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In today's society, people need not only knowledge and skills but also advices from the elderlies. They're an important force leading us to success. Secondly, parents are not aware of modern teaching methods, and therefore use antiquated and ineffective methods to educate their children.

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Parents have children at increasingly advanced ages nowadays and when it comes time to teach them, they have been out of school for ten or twenty years. Professional teachers, in contrast, have time for professional development every year of their careers, and work in a collaborative environment where older teachers are kept up to date by their younger colleagues.

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This means that trained teachers excel at teaching youngsters of all backgrounds, while parents struggle to educate even their own children. She was proactive, though, and sought help from her local school board.

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The officials at the board put her in touch with a young teacher from a nearby elementary school. Until she got help from that young teacher, she had no idea that the Internet included a wealth of videos, music and games that she could utilize with her son. In conclusion, I strongly disagree with the idea that parents are the best teachers. This is because parents are biased when it comes to their kids, and because professional teachers benefit from modern techniques and training.

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What are the good and bad effects for this? Are there more advantages than disadvantages of living in a house compared with living in an apartment? Do you agree or disagree?

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Give specific examples and reasons 72 Success is due only to hardwork. Luck does not make a person successful or unsuccessful. Use specific examples and reasons to explain your answer Use specific examples and reasons to explore your opinion 80 Parents make the best teachers.

Discuss how the factory might improve or harm your area. Do you agree or not.

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Gve reasons for your answer and include relevant example Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant Molly MEI.